Slope Tunnel

Slope tunnel is a great example of practising your own skills of anticipating the trajectory of the ball that you guide through this green tunnel. It's a bit different from the others you've seen, and it's a good idea that needs some design improvements.

Slope Tunnel Game

Come try this early version of Slope Tunnel, a game that grabs you from the first try. It's not too special but just try to see how far you can go. You can only move left or right before the ball you're driving catches a missing plate. This ball should only roll on full boards and if you can catch those white balls you will get a higher score.

The game is so simple that you don't have to do much more than that, try to cover as long a distance as possible to get the much desired score. To restart the race you can try as many times as you want by pressing the space key. As you move forward in the tunnel the speed will increase significantly making it more difficult to maneuver the ball.

How To Play Slope Tunnel

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