Slope Ball

Slope ball is a fun game for one person, full of adventure and skill. I assure you that you have never played anything like this before, it is different than the slope games you knew. Although it is a 2D game, the design is modern and easy to understand. Slope ball comes with new features that will be useful for overcoming obstacles. The levels are plenty and hard to cross making the game more interesting.

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This game will definitely test your nerves, the obstacles are hard to overcome even in the first round. However you will be able to resume the game from the nearest checkpoint. Obstacles should not be reached in slope ball, jump over them every time to get to the end safely. Think well when you have to act to jump to be accurate so you risk falling into traps. It is not easy to win in this game of slope. However you have to collect the three stars along the route. The better you get you will be able to unlock different characters of the ball. You will find different objects that will help you fly or go over obstacles more easily.

How To Play Slope Ball

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