Slope Run

Slope run is the ideal combination of the two well-known games slope and run, which have made a buzz among Internet users. Guide the constantly spinning ball and send it safely to the end of the tunnel. It's up to you to maneuver the ball over the missing boards or around them.

Play Slope Run

Roll left and right looking for the best route through the tunnel. If necessary you can even rotate the tube you are in, just so you can be constantly on the full boards. Perform correct jumps so that you can appreciate where you will land. With each completed level you will be one step further, and the respawn area will be at the previous level.

You have two different game modes you can try such as Mini Maps and Infinite mode. Each of these modes will make you get better.

In the first mode of the game, the infinite mode, you automatically enter a race against other players. You can become the best of the day if you get a high score. This mode has no levels, you will run as long as your legs will take you, or rather until you fall into one of the pits. Every metre you run will be recorded and you will be able to appear on the scoreboard if you manage to do many metres.

In the second Mini Maps mode, you will be able to move from one level to another with the possibility to restart from the completed level. You will encounter various tunnel patterns and tiles with different characteristics that will hinder your passage.

How To Play Slope Run

Use your mouse to navigate inside game menu.

Use left and right arrow keys to control the ball.

Use W or spacebar to jump also up arrow key.

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